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Your Legal Career Starts Here

PNA Intellectual Property & Technology Attorneys is constantly endeavoring towards enriching its talent pool. We believe that our people are the ones that define us.

We are on the lookout for bright and confident people, having strong communicative skills. We follow a non-discriminatory policy and are on the look out for lawyers, technical experts (scientists and engineers), paralegals, IP administrators and office administrative staff.  

Patent Attorney Level 1

Education: B.Sc/B.Tech/M.Sc/M.Tech/Ph.d                        and Registered Patent Agent


  • Excellent understanding of new and evolving technologies including, electronics, mechanical, chemical engineering, physical chemistry, material science, nanotechnology, bioenergy solutions, etc.

  • Excellent understanding of industry trends

  • Excellent command over English language

  • Well-groomed interpersonal skills and team work

  • Excellent knowledge of patents laws of major jurisdictions including India/US/EU and experience of using patent databases

Law Students /
Summer Interns


PNA Intellectual Property & Technology Attorneys believes in giving young students opportunities to have hands on experience in the field of Intellectual Property.


Interns are attached to an appropriate team, keeping in mind their background and field of interest, to ensure that they have an enriching experience.


Any coursework/experience in Intellectual Property would be favourable.

We invite students to apply for internships, preferably 3-6 months prior to the period they wish to intern with us.


Please  email your resume` along with a covering letter to, clearly indicating the purpose as the subject of the mail.

Paralegals / Staff

Education: Any graduate with good communication skills


  • Handles cost query

  • Filing of new patent application via e-filing Module.

  • Completing patent filing formalities like Form 1, Form 3, FORM 9, FORM 18, FORM 26 , Certified Priority document, RULE 92 bis, extension of time, petition etc.

  • Preparing and filing of amendments in patent application

  • Preparing and filing request for addition/deletion of inventor on Form 8

  • Preparing and filing Preparing and filing a request to obtain CPD

  • Handles Client Communications

  • IPO Follow-up for Publication correction, issuance of corrected LPD

  • Follow up with clients regarding upcoming deadlines and instructions

  • Preparing and filing a request to record the change of ownership on Form 6

  • Follow up with client for recordal documents

  • Follow up with IPO for recordal status

  • Reporting filing of application to client and billing

  • Reporting the filing of Form 1, Form 3, Form 6, Form 13, Form 18, CPD, etc.

  • Reporting Letter Patent Document to client

  • Preparing & Filing PCT Application

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